Saturday, 30 June 2012

Scottish salmon companies have killed 300+ seals since the start of 2011

Freedom of Information request reveals salmon companies
June 2012. Following a freedom of information request by The Global Alliance Against Industrial Aquaculture, the Scottish Government has revealed that 229 seals were killed in 2011 by salmon farming companies, and a further 81 in the first 4 months of 2012. The seals were killed by companies such as Marine Harvest, Loch Duart, Scottish Seafarms (Leroy & Salmar), Meridian (Morpol), Hjaltland Seafarms (Grieg Seafood) and The Scottish Salmon Company.
The Scottish Government replied as follows (Excerpt)
Scottish Government Information on Seal Killings by Salmon Farmers in Scotland:
Your request for information on the number of seals killed and by which companies can be released and is provided below. Figures for 2011 are provided in full. I have also provided the information for 2012 that the Scottish Government holds; this of course may be subject to change as further information is submitted.
The companies with licences issued specifically to them in 2011 and number of seals shot:-
Seals shot in 2011
Seals shot in 2012 to April
Dawnfresh Farming Ltd
Lakeland Marine Farm Ltd

Marine Harvest (Scotland) Ltd
The Scottish Salmon Co Ltd
Scottish Seafarms Ltd
West Minch Salmon Ltd

Loch Duart Ltd
Bound Skerries Seafoods Ltd

Hjaltland Seafarms Ltd
Northern Isles Salmon Ltd (Meridian group)

It appears that, by shooting seals, these companies may be breaking US laws about imported farmed salmon, and this may well affect these companies' ability to import salmon into the US.

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