Monday, 25 June 2012

Forest Green Frogs laying eggs in Fukushima village – via Herp Digest

The Yomiuri Shimbun/Asia News Network,  Jun 13, 2012

KAWAUCHI, Fukushima - Forest green tree frogs have started laying eggs in their protected habitat in Hebusunuma pond in Kawauchi. Male and female frogs have been seen climbing branches and leaves along the edge of the pond for spawning.
The pond is near the 842-meter peak of Mt. Hebusu and surrounded by broad-leafed trees. Female frogs leave spawn on leaves that are about 10 centimeters in diameter.
The village's slogan for post-disaster reconstruction is "Kaeru Kawauchi" (Return to Kawauchi), which is a play on words because "kaeru" also means frog in Japanese.
The Kawauchi education board said a spawn was first found on June 5, and this number increased to 52 by Monday. Hatchings will begin by the end of this month. Tadpoles will fall from the leaves into the pond, where they will grow.

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