Monday, 25 June 2012

Lawndale, Illinois Thunderbird Witness Comes Forward

I received the following email on Tuesday:

I saw the two thunderbirds in Springfield IL the day before Marlon Lowe was attacked, in Lawndale,Il. This is no joke! I told my father and family and they all laughed. But in the next day or two when it hit the local news they changed their tune!

Several friends of mine and I went on a hike following Spring Creek from Washington Park due Southwest about as far as we could until we reached a muskrat dam. We decided to hike back from there. Along the way back, the big birds flew due north directly over our heads as we stumbled along the small trail alongside the creek! And when I say directly over our heads; that means ten feet in the air above us! I have never diclosed this story publicly, but I feel it should be known after seeing the countless shows on the T.V. and the ridicule endured by Marlon and his family.


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