Thursday, 28 June 2012

Wildlife officer finds fish dumped on Plymouth roundabout

THERE'S been something fishy going on in Mainstone, claim police.
Patrol officers found the strangest fly-tipping they have seen in years after spotting silvery-looking items by the side of the road in Plymbridge Road, by the Wrigley's factory.
Acting Sgt Ryan Canning, who also happens to be the Plymouth Wildlife Crime Liaison Officer, said he and his colleague were out on the hunt for criminals and poachers at around 3.50am on Thursday when they encountered the unusual haul.
He said: "As we drove by it caught my eye. I went over to look and found someone had dumped a load of fresh mackerel on the grass.
"It was really fresh. It must have been caught that day. There was about two dozen of them, left on the grass verge.
"They'd been left a short distance from the Plymbridge Woods, but mackerel are a saltwater fish, so they'd been caught at sea by someone and left here."
To prove the find to disbelieving colleagues, Acting Sgt Canning took a photo of the fish which he posted on a social networking site.
He said: "I think its the first time I've found fish dumped at the side of the road.
"We decided the best thing to do was to leave them there as a breakfast treat for the local wildlife and the seagulls."

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