Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Family rides a camel when they need to nip out for the groceries

Mothers at the school gate are so used to spotting their neighbour turning up on one of the desert beasts they barely bat an eyelid. 

Mrs Fossett, her circus-raised husband Joseph and their children Daisy, 13, and Leo, ten, are Britain’s only owners of a herd of camels. 

‘We go out in public on them once or twice a week and people love seeing them,’ said Mrs Fossett, 42. 

‘People think camels are grumpy and spit all the time but that couldn’t be  further from the truth. They are great company and very affectionate. 

‘They’re also incredibly nosy and rush to the garden gates to have a look whenever anyone goes past, so they enjoy  being out and interacting with people.’ 

At £10,000 each, the six dromedary and Bactrian camels – named Ruby,  Sahara, Sophia, Kokoso, Kazak and Veneta – certainly don’t come cheap. 

But the Fossetts have turned them into a thriving business. taking customers on countryside treks from their tree-lined village of Idlicote, in Warwickshire. 

Given the camels’ background, there’s one place they seem to particularly enjoy visiting. 
‘They love the beach,’ said Mr Fossett, 52. ‘As soon as they get the sand  between their toes you can see they  instantly feel at home.’

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