Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Get a bargain at Poundland, now with rat bonus!

THE three-second rule still counts if what you dropped on the floor has been gnawed by rats... right?!


British bargain chain Poundland found this out the hard way when they were busted resealing, and selling, packets of sweets and biscuits that had been previously opened.

By rodents.

The local magistrate in Croydon, Greater London, fined Poundland a cool £24,000 ($36,969) for the egregious health and safety breach, the Daily Mailreports.

Prosecutor David McNeill said the chain's Croydon store, which laid mousetraps and dealt with pest control prior to this discovery, was caught with contaminated food and a dead mouse on its shelves.

"Food that had been gnawed by mice, instead of being disposed of, was re-sealed with Sellotape by staff and put back on sale," he said.

Mmmmm. Dig in.

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