Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Bee swarm attack lands Thailand monks in hospital

Dozens of novice monks have been taken to hospital after an attack by a swarm of bees in northern Thailand.
The monks were cleaning the Chedi Luang temple in Chiang Mai province on Saturday when the attack took place.
The Bangkok Post said more than 70 monks were admitted to hospital, quoting one doctor as saying he had seen 19 in serious condition.
Bee stings typically cause skin rashes and nausea but multiple attacks are more serious and occasionally deadly.
Temple abbot Phra Ratcha Jetiyajarn told the Post that 76 monks had been taken to three regional hospitals.
The paper quoted Naren Chotirosnimitr, the director of the Maharaj Nakorn hospital in Chiang Mai, as saying 53 had been treated there, with six arriving in a coma suffering with low blood pressure.
Most of the monks were later discharged.
The abbot said the bees were from hives kept at the temple. They had been no problem previously and it was unclear why they had attacked, he said.

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