Saturday, 30 June 2012

EU to ban exotic species imports?

Just how hypocritical are we?
June 2012. At last, some sense from the EU, though many pet owners are up in arms complaining about their right to ruin the ecology of many other countries by importing vast quantities of birds, reptiles, mammals, bugs and other forms of life without any consideration of where they have come from.
Brits condemn exotic pets, except when they are ours
In Britain we condemn, and quite rightly, other countries where animals such as Orangutans, various species of monkeys, rare birds, endangered reptiles and live corals are for sale to the pet trade. The markets of Asia are often teeming with a huge range of wildlife that has been pillaged from the jungles and coral reefs of the world. Yet when the EU thinks about banning the import of exotic species into the UK, a large % of the population are up in arms because it might affect the pet trade.
Whilst the EU is looking at this legislation from the standpoint of preventing more alien species being imported into the EU, it will also have the benefit of stopping many increasing rare and endangered species, along with their habitats, being ruined around the world for the gratification of those people that think snakes should live in small glass cages. Just look at what is happening in the Florida Everglades where the local wildlife is being decimated by Burmese pythons, released by pet owners.
Mike Nattrass, UKIP MEP is worried about stick insects
Meanwhile, learned UKIP Euro MEP, Mike Nattrass, has been complaining that the EU is banning stick insects! Nattrass also states "Many specialist pet shops could be put out of businesses as a result of these regulations." Some good will come of iof it then!
Read his rant on his website

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