Friday, 29 June 2012

Six-legged cane toad found

A SIX-LEGGED cane toad has hopped head over heels and into the limelight in a small Territory town.

We're not pulling your leg - the unnamed hexagonal monster with four front limbs was found in the yard of RS Gardening in Batchelor, 42km south of Darwin, yesterday afternoon.

The acrobatic amphibian made a stand as it put its best feet forward and hoofed it from under some old sheet metal during a yard clean-up.
But the mutant's plans of escape went flat-footed.

Toad catcher and gardener Savvas Christodoulou, 29, knew something was afoot when the slimy palm-sized creature jumped away from him with less vigour than the four-legged variety.

"He was more clumsy than normal. I hope there's no more."

The gardener shoe-horned it into a plant pot "for evidence" - in case further research was required.

"I'm just interested in how he ended up like that," he said.

But the toad is walking a fine line and may already be heading six-feet under.

Toads are the achilles heel of wildlife and callous arch-rival gardeners in the Territory.

A six-legged toad excited Brisbane Museum curators after a schoolgirl found it in River Heads, Queensland, in March last year.

A five-legged toad was found in Virginia, in Darwin's rural area, last September.

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