Saturday, 16 June 2012

Pennsylvania Animal Cruelty Case Enough to Turn Anyone's Stomach

COMMENTARY | There are some crimes that are almost forgivable. Some make us wonder why and what the person was thinking.
Such is the case of a horrific crime in Coatesville, Pa. According to WPVI News, the remains of a small dog were found set on fire. The crimes that are always the most heinous in people's eyes are the ones against those that cannot defend themselves. This is no exception. What did a small dog do to anyone to deserve being set on fire?
There's no way this can be ruled an accident. You do not trip, fall and set a dog on fire. It's almost too shocking to imagine that something like this happened. According to the Delco Times, the detective said he had never seen something like this in his 15 years in an officer. The pictures taken for evidence are said to be too graphic even for TV.
According to Fox Philly, Det. Kevin Campbell said foul play had to be involved because the dog was dumped in the middle of nowhere. It is a sad state of affairs that something like this would happen. If you are going to commit a crime, at least have the guts to try it against somebody or something that can defend itself.
You watch shows like "Animal Cops" and see most offenders get sentences that would be considered light by any reasonable person. I hope this case sparks the debate over making animal cruelty sentences much stiffer. We owe it to our pets.

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