Friday, 15 June 2012

The (prehistoric) elephant in the room: Farmer stores stack of rare mammoth bones discovered in backyard in his lounge

As far as interior decorations go, there’s no chance of ignoring the unique fixture accompany one farmer’s living room fittings.

In fact, the turn of phrase ‘the elephant in the room’ may never applied so literally before.

That’s because an Iowan rancher, known only as John, keeps a collection of massive woolly mammoth fossils in his lounge among his sofa, telly and other furniture.

Excavated from his backyard in the small county seat of Oskaloosa, experts believe John has uncovered an entire 14,000-year-old skeleton.

And although the piles of bones are cluttering up his home, it has been reported that John intends to keep the fossils, having kept the rare find a secret for two years.


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