Monday 13 April 2009

Denver Paranormal Science Examiner: Cattle Mutilations, a homegrown Colorado phenomena

Denver Paranormal Science Examiner: Cattle Mutilations, a homegrown Colorado phenomena

I recently got to go on a cattle mutilation investigation, and was surprised to find that there are many who don’t know what a cattle mutilation is. When I tell them, some wished they had remained in the dark on this one. It is a bit unnerving.

First, some background, the first publicized case of a strange cattle mutilation was outside of Alamosa, Colorado in 1967. This is right in the heart of the mysterious San Luis valley (more on this in an upcoming article). An appaloosa horse named Lady was found by its owner with the head and neck skinned and defleshed. The bones where white and clean, and there was a lack of blood in the area. The lacerations were cauterized as if a laser scalpel were used according to a pathologist out of Denver. No satisfactory explanation has ever been found as to how or why this animal was killed.

Since this incident researchers have claimed that there have been hundreds of these mysterious mutilations of cattle. Although Lady was a horse, most mutilations have been conducted on cows. Typically sex organs, utters, an eye or two, and the tongue are taken. There is usually a lack of blood on the scene and scavengers that would normally pounce on a free meal like this in seconds avoid these bizarre carcasses.

Why is this happening and by whom?

Some believe it is a secret military project to test toxicity in these animals. But, if that is the case, why be so secretive about it? Why not just purchase the animals? Others of course believe it is done by Extraterrestrials. Often UFOs are sighted near the area the mutilations take place. In fact that was the case in the investigation I recently took part in. However, why would an ET mutilate a cow? And, why would they return it?

Recent Colorado Mutilations

In the next few stories I will let you in on the mutilation I was able to help investigate this past month. I'll go over the typoes of evidence we look for and why. We will also explore some ideas of what might be happening, and I will keep you up to date on any developments in our investigation.

For now you can read the story in the link below to a mutilation that happened near Rush, Colorado in 2006. The rancher, like the one I will be telling you about in the mutilation I investigated, believed it was done by extraterrestrials. I have also included a link to more information on the case in 1967 I reffered to above.

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