Monday 27 February 2012


Chile: On the trail of big cats in South America
The Independent
This makes puma spotting sound easy, as though all of the park's 150000 annual visitors ought to see a large cat. But this is far from the case – partly because pumas are timid, nocturnal and solitary, but also because, for some inexplicable reason, ...

Circus families keep Big Top traditions alive
Emirates 24/7
"I'm actually the ninth generation of my family to be a animal handler and entertainer//I chose big cats because that's what I love - that's what I grew up around They've always been a part of my family, and I have a special bond with big cats.

Facing down a mountain lion, Part 1
The Desert Sun
The attack on the young boy occurred at Big Bend National Park in Texas, on a concrete walkway at the Chisos Mountain Lodge. The lodge is located in the busiest part of the park, next to a cafe, visitor center and parking area. The big cat literally ...

Stray leopard has retreated to forest area, claim officials
Times of India
The big cat was not spotted on Saturday, and forest officers, said it could have gone back to the forest, from where it had ventured out. "There are very little chances that it could still be present in the village," said AP Tripathi, DFO, Gorakhpur.

Tiger plays hard to get in Lucknow
Daily News & Analysis
In their bid to track down the elusive big cat, forest officials brought in a cow elephant. Machans were arranged to keep night vigil and a professional 'shikari' had been called in from Hyderabad to tranquilise him. Wildlife Trust of India (WTI) ...

Rare Amur leopards mating success at Kent sanctuaryBBC NewsA sanctuary in Kent is on a mission to save critically endangered big cats from extinction. The Amur leopard is the most endangered big cat in the world with as few as 30 living in the wild. A conservation plan has been drawn up to breed the leopards ...

Prowling with the tiger
Daily Pioneer
Actor John Abraham shares some of his big cat experiences. Team Viva reports It will be an opportunity to discover dark, deep woods, trace the big cat's move, watch a tigress bring up cubs, and meet Simon King, the popular star of Big Cat diary.

Experts suggest ways to trap elusive tiger
Times of India
On Sunday, wildlife experts visited the Central Institute of Subtropical Horticulture (CISH) campus and suggested ways to the forest officers to trap the big cat. "We suggested that a bait be put at one place, and that place should be within the range ...

Mystery cats of Sarawak
Otago Daily Times Online News Otago ...
Felines and white rajahs add mystique to Sarawak's colourful capital, writes Jim Eagles, of The New Zealand Herald.

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