Monday, 30 April 2012

Rescue wildlife in 'Animal Kingdom' game

By Jinny Gudmundsen

Most parents are aware that their teenage kids socialize on Facebook. But some parents might not realize that their teens also play games within the Facebook application. While many of these Facebook games are simply fun time-fillers, the new Disney Animal Kingdom Explorers teaches players about real world ecology and conservation issues. This Facebook game has even been tied to raising money for the Jane Goodall Institute.

For those unfamiliar with Facebook gaming, these games open up in a separate window within the Facebook application. You have to own a Facebook account and be logged in to play. Meant to be shared with other friends on Facebook, these games provide ways to invite others to play and/or help you while you play.

Playdom's Disney Animal Kingdom Explorers is offered for free, but it does have items in the game that players can buy for real money. Some teens will be tempted to spend real money to speed up the game.

Inspired by the Disney's Animal Kingdom theme park and incorporating some scenes from the Disneynature'sChimpanzee movie, this Facebook game lets players join a Global Wildlife Research team. The game transports you to wildlife areas that need help. For example, while in Africa, you will find a baby elephant that has been separated from its mother. On another quest, you must clean up after poachers who have left trash in a preserve. The game starts in Africa, but expands to other areas, including the Amazon Rainforest and the Rocky Mountains.


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