Saturday 24 May 2014

Norwegian minister pledges to push whale meat sales in Japan

Posted by: Leya Musa / 2 days ago

Elisabeth Aspaker, Norway’s fisheries minister, has said that she will push for greater sales of whale meat caught by Norwegian whalers into Japan’s markets. She made the promise in an interview on Norway’s NRK TV channel. This is despite Japan having stockpiles of whale meat that people do not want to buy.

The minister said, “We have Japan as a potential export country. We must see if we can work been harder promote it.”

The commitment was made after a documentary was shown on the weekend that claimed that whaling in Norway would disappear in 10 or 15 years if current trends continue.

The documentary looked at the history of a whaling family and highlighted how the whaling fleet of Norway consisted of 350 ships in the 1950′s but today only has 23 ships left today.

The journalist, Frank A. Jenssen, who has written extensively on whaling in Norway said, “In about ten to 15 years, there may be no whalers left in Norway , and it would be a tragedy.”

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