Sunday 31 January 2016

Public shocked as poacher shoots and beheads 'tourist favourite' Hollywood the elk

Hollywood was apparently friendly to tourists before he was killed for a trophy by a poacher

3:32PM GMT 21 Jan 2016

The friendly nature of this magnificent elk appears to be what got him killed.

Hollywood the elk was found dead on a nature reserve, which has upset visitors as the noble beast was a tourist favourite.

The star animal, who lived at Nickel Preserve in Oklahoma was shot by a crossbow and arrow.

Poachers took his head and one hindquarter, and left the rest for visitors to find.

The reserve is privately owned by The Nature Conservancy, an environmental non-profit.

Hollywood was much-loved by visitors for its excellent relations with children and keenness to be around people.

Preserve Director Jeremy Tubbs told the Tulsa World : "People with kids could drive through, and it was almost guaranteed they would see him.

"There are no other elk like that on the preserve; they are typically pretty secretive animals."

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