Friday 4 September 2020

NOVATAXA: Two New Species of Anomaloglossus (Anura: Aromobatidae) of the A. stepheni group from Suriname


[Herpetology • 2020] Anomaloglossus saramaka & A. vacheri • Two New Species of Anomaloglossus (Anura: Aromobatidae) of the A. stepheni group from Suriname

 Anomaloglossus saramaka & A. vacheri 
 Fouquet, Jairam, Ouboter & Kok, 2020 

Anomaloglossus is a species-rich genus of frogs endemic to the Guiana Shield that still harbours several unnamed species. According to a recent integrative taxonomic survey, the A. stepheni species group includes five valid nominal species and at least four putatively unnamed species, two in Brazil and two in Suriname. In this paper, we describe the two species from Suriname based on adult and tadpole morphology as well as their calls and natural history. Both have exotrophic tadpoles transported by the male to small water bodies. These two new species differ from each other and from other congeners in body size, colouration pattern, call characteristics and breeding sites. Both have narrow distributions and should be considered Endangered according to IUCN criteria.

Keywords: Amazonia, Conservation, Endemism, Guiana Shield, Taxonomy
Phylogenetic tree adapted from Fouquet et al. (2019) and Vacher et al. (2017) and maps of the distribution of the species of Anomaloglossus of the stepheni group. The phylogenetic positions of A. stepheni and A. apiau remain ambiguous and corresponding branches are depicted with dashed lines. The ranges of the two species with endotrophic tadpoles (Abaeobatrachus and Astepheni) are illustrated with a solid yellow and an orange polygon, respectively. The known populations of the species with exotrophic tadpoles are depicted by coloured dots except the range of the putatively introgressed populations related to Abaeobatrachus that is illustrated with a black-contoured triangle (Fouquet et al. 2019b).

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