Monday 17 May 2021

Cave lions found

 Two cave lion cubs that died up to 44,000 years ago were found perfectly preserved in the Siberian permafrost. Scientists say it would be much easier to clone them than the woolly mammoth and that’s what they are about to do.

One of the cubs is a female the sicentists named Sparta. Credit: Alexey Mihaylov

According to the researchers involved in the discovery, one of the cubs starved to death while the other may have been crushed by falling rocks, both having possibly been abandoned by their mothers.

When the cubs were found in 2018, it was thought they were male siblings who had died around 44,000 years ago.

But it turns out that the youngest cub was actually a female that died roughly 26,000 years ago, the Siberian Times revealed. She is thus some 18,000 years “younger” than the cub found next to her named Boris.

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