Tuesday 6 May 2014

Rare goblin shark caught in US

Prehistoric-looking pink shark caught in Florida has only been seen a handful of times

2:54PM BST 03 May 2014

Shrimp fishermen in the Gulf of Mexico have caught a goblin shark – a species so rare that one has not been seen for 10 years.

The 18ft-long pink predator was caught in a shrimp net off Key West, Florida.

The crew were shocked to find the prehistoric-looking shark thrashing around with the rest of the haul.
It has a long snout hiding racks of sharp teeth and is often called a “living fossil”.

Thought to swim in the deep water of Japan and the Gulf, it is only the second known sighting in the area.

“I didn’t even know what it was,” said Carl Moore, a fisherman. “I didn’t get the tape measure out because that thing’s got some wicked teeth. They could do some damage.

“My three-year-old grandson just loves sharks, so I’ve been taking pictures of every one we find. When I showed him this one he said, 'Wow, Pappa!’”

Much to the disappointment of scientists, Mr Moore decided to snap a quick photo of the shark with his mobile then release it back into the water.

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