Sunday 13 March 2016

Brighton Badger March

Over 500 people joined the protest, which started outside the Palace Theatre and marched through the centre of Brighton to the seafront. 

John Cooper QC a leading barrister and former President of the League Against Cruel Sports, opened the march by slamming the government for pushing ahead with the extension of a badger cull policy in the face of huge public, scientific and political opposition and with no real evidence to prove that badgers can pass TB to cattle. 

John was followed by Sarah Geller a wildlife campaigner who made a moving passionate speech about her experiences baring witness to the cruel badger culls in Somerset and Gloucestershire over the past 3 years and the need for more people to protest in the fields, in view of the threat of the culls being extended to wider parts of England in 2016. 

Mark Jones Programmes Manager Wildlife Policy, Born Free Foundation addressed the march when it reached Brighton seafront. He focused on the lack of scientific justification for the badger cull policy and the need to focus on cattle based measures, rather than badger culling to lower bovine TB in cattle. He also talked of his concern and disappointment that many in the veterinary industry continued to support a culling policy which results in many badgers taking 5 to 10 minutes to suffer long painful deaths, as a result of the continued use of a cruel ineffective free shooting method.

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