Friday 11 March 2016

Gang of wild goats terrorising New Zealand town get ultimatum

There’s a gang of feral goats on the loose in New Zealand and no one knows what to do with them

5:51PM GMT 04 Mar 2016

A gang of feral goats are on the run from authorities in New Zealand and making headlines with their antics along the way.

Officials say a total of 16 wild goats make up the mob and they have been very busy destroying gardens and local flora on the country’s South Island.

Authorities have so far been unable to catch the feral animals amid concerns they could cause a traffic accident in the small town of Blackball, which has a population of 330.

Animal control officers in the area do not know where the goats escaped from and it is unclear if their reign of terror extends to other towns and cities.

The unruly gang hide from officials at night but are said to congregate and come out during the day to continue to terrorise the neighbourhood, the New Zealand Herald reports.

“They just come through and wreck everyone's garden,” explained animal control officer Murray Malloch. “They eat it and then move on to another one.”

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