Sunday, 16 June 2013

Baby elephant joins orphan herd in India

Displaced elephant calf joins herd at CWRC

June 2013: An elephant calf admitted to India's Centre for Wildlife Rehabilitation and Conservation (CWRC) three months ago is now stable and has been welcomed by the four other elephants being hand-reared by IFAW-WTI for reintegration in the wild.

Although still very young, the calves are beginning to display signs of attachment to each other, forming a social unit and behaving as a herd.

The latest calf was brought to CWRC in February this year. The calf was found alone, stuck on a sand bar in the Brahmaputra River, possibly washed away when the elephant herd crossed the river. The calf was rescued by locals who heard its calls in the night. The Forest Department authorities assisted by the IFAW-WTI Mobile Veterinary Service unit of North Bank transported the calf to CWRC.

"The calf was weak, quite traumatised and suffering from a urinary infection, but is stable now," said Assistant Veterinary Surgeon Dr Bishwajit Boruah.

Not feeding well
"The only worry was that she was showing signs of fat intolerance, and has not put on much weight despite being fed on the milk formula. We have now reduced the milk and added other sources of carbohydrates in her diet. We are still keeping her indoors at night, and during afternoons when it gets hot to prevent dehydration, but leave her in an outdoor enclosure during mornings and evenings, and also let her interact with the other calves to allow bonding," added CWRC veterinarian Dr Anjan Talukdar.

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