Thursday, 13 June 2013

Disturbing shark slaughter in Oman

Dive guide alerts HEPCA to shark slaughter in Oman - Courtesy of HEPCA

June 2013. HEPCA, the Red Sea conservation organisation, has been contacted recently by a supporter from Oman with disturbing stories of shark fishing happening on a daily basis. A courageous dive guide working in the region has provided HEPCA with some shocking photos and he is concerned that this activity is taking place all over the area.

The unsustainable slaughtering of sharks is pushing the species towards extinction. The brutality and wastage that goes into the poaching techniques are not just irresponsible, but immoral. 

The Rea Sea is one vast and interdependent eco-system; a small fractal unit of the singular and interconnected organism which constitutes the world's oceans and seas. Any destruction to one part of that eco-system has the potential of affecting the whole. Our oceans and seas are one magnificent eco-system in perfect resonance and there are no jurisdictional boundaries when it comes to their protection.

HEPCA will be in close contact with PERSGA, the regional organization for environmental conservation of the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden. PERSGA has been an important ally and supporter of our efforts and we are confident that they will respond.

HEPCA would like to thank their supporter for his vigilance and helping expose this case.

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