Sunday, 3 April 2016

Turtles suffer 'Floater Syndrome' when they ingest plastic

More and more sea turtles are suffering from 'Floater Syndrome', a condition that inhibits them from diving for food or protection caused by ingesting plastic

By Telegraph Video, video source Vimeo / The University of Queensland
4:01PM BST 29 Mar 2016

Green Turtles should be happily and healthily swimming at home in the water. However, due to an increased intake of plastic, more and more are beginning to suffer with Floater Syndrome.

When the reptiles swallow plastics, it becomes stuck in their digestive tract.

The ingested plastic creates a build up of gas in the turtle's system - causing them to float.
In the past five to six years, new research has shown that the number of marine species eating plastics or becoming entangled in them has increased from 270 to almost 700.

Sea creatures’ increasing intake of plastic will ultimately have an effect on the food chain, meaning plastic will end up on the dinner plates of humans as it continues to wreak havoc on sea life, according to researchers from the University of Queensland.

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