Friday, 2 June 2017

Turtle disaster avoided with roadkill rescue

By Sean Coughlan

31 May 2017

For anyone on a long drive on a country road, one of the bleakest sights is the amount of roadkill you see punctuating the passing miles.

It shows the fatal incompatibility between our need to get to places quickly and wildlife trying to get across a road.

In terms of the odds being stacked up against an animal, it's particularly bad news for the slow-moving turtle. They're not exactly going to sprint away from danger.

But research published by academics at McMaster University in Ontario, Canada, reports on the major success of a scheme to reduce roadkill.

The findings are claimed to provide lessons for the global problem of animal deaths on roads.
Worst roadkill
The project focused on a road claimed to have one of the worst roadkill rates in the world. Long Point Causeway, a road beside Lake Erie in Ontario, runs through a nature reserve - a Unesco "biosphere reserve" - which is home to a number of endangered species of turtles.


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