Sunday, 20 May 2012

Buffalo rampages through Vietnam kindergarten

A BUFFALO injured 10 people in a Vietnam city after rampaging for three hours through crowded streets, houses and a kindergarten.

The male buffalo plunged across a river in Hue as villagers encircled it, before breaking into a nearby house, terrifying three family members in a bedroom and breaking a bed, VnExpress reported.

Two people were seriously injured after they were butted by the animal during its 20km rampage through the city last week.

It was finally stopped after it smashed into a private kindergarten and teachers were able to close off gates to trap it. Soldiers had to shoot it eight times to stop it causing more damage.

The injured people, some thought to have head injuries, were treated at Hue Central Hospital.

It was unclear what caused the animal to embark on its rampage, but one theory was it escaped after a botched attempt to euthanize it at a slaughterhouse, the website reported.

No one has come forward to claim the animal.

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