Thursday, 10 May 2012

New Spider Species Discovered in Alabama Housing Subdivision

In the heart of Auburn, Ala., researchers have discovered a new species of trapdoor spider right under their feet, they reported Tuesday (May 8).

Named in honor of Auburn University's tiger mascot, the spider is now affectionately called the Auburn tiger trapdoor spider or Myrmekiaphila tigris. It belongs to the genus that includes among its now 12 species the famous M. neilyoungi, from Birmingham, Ala., named for rocker Neil Young.

"The discovery of a new species in a well-developed area like this further demonstrates the amount of biodiversity on our planet that remains unknown," study researcher Jason Bond of the Auburn University Museum of Natural History, said in a statement. "We know so little about our home planet and the other organisms that inhabit it with us."

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