Thursday, 17 May 2012

Young leopard dies in snare in Iran

Snare traps threat leopards in northern Iran
May 2012. Snare traps have been threatening the wildlife of northern Iran, particularly the Persian leopard, for many years. They are mainly deployed to control wild boar which can be detrimental to rice farmlands. So the farmers try to control the high level of conflict with wild boars by setting snares around their farms; the farmers are dependent on their rice crops. However, since the traps are non-selective, other animals are also vulnerable to the snares.

Young female leopard killed
Recently, a young female leopard was killed in a snare around Mousha village in Dorfak Protected Area, northern Iran. The trap was intended to trap the abundant boars that invade the rice farmlands at night. There was a rumour that the leopard's mate is patrolling around, which concerned many local people.

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