Monday, 6 August 2012

40 Blue whales sighted off San Diego coast

Among one of the largest groupings of whales ever sighted in the area 
August 2012. One of the largest recorded sightings of Blue whales off the coast of San Diego has been spotted by veteran aerial photographer and marine biologist Eddie Kisfaludy.
About forty Blue whales whave been sighted swimming in waters 15 miles west of La Jolla. Kisfaludy spotted the aggregation while flying a fixed wing aircraft conducting surveys for National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the Sportfishing Association of California.
40 Blue whales and 6 Fin whales
"A population of about 40 Blue whales and a half dozen Fin whales were spotted between 15 and 25 miles offshore San Diego from the Coronado Islands up to La Jolla.," stated Kisfaludy.
The world's largest poo
Peak migration season occurs during the summer months off the Southern California coast. Blue whales can grow as much as 100 feet in length, and as the largest mammals on Earth, Blue whales leave behind something well, a little less glorious. The biggest poo on Earth? Definitely.
These Blue whales have been feeding off massive amounts of krill, the main staple of their diet, while traveling in these waters. Their poo is easy to spot from the air; it's the same bright orange colour as the krill they digest.
Oceans Aloft
Oceans Aloft LLC provides aerial field support, photography and filming for oceanography and cimematography projects including biological collection, specimen transport, documentary filming, and surveying. Kisfaludy is President of Oceans Aloft and holds a degree in Biology from San Diego State University, is an FAA Pilot, and a Professional Association of Diving Instructors Dive Master. Kisfaludy oversees shipboard and submersible operations of Virgin Oceanic, and has served on--‐screen for The Discovery Channel, National Geographic's "Shark Men" and other science--‐based programming. Kisfaludy is based in San Diego, California.
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