Sunday, 19 August 2012

New reserve protects critical nesting area for rare parrot in Bolivia

Tucuman parrot protection
August 2012. The rare Tucuman Parrot will benefit from protections afforded by a new reserve established by Asociación Armonía in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. The 44-acre Tucuman Parrot Reserve protects the largest Podocarpus conifer trees in the area, which are critically important as nesting sites for the parrot. The new reserve is adjacent to the Quirusillas Municipal Reserve, effectively extending the area under protection.

"This victory is the end result of an eight-month negotiation process and years of outreach with the local community. This action was a vital step because logging is advancing towards the forest surrounding the now protected reserve," said German Mercado, Administration Director of Armonía.
Armonía has been working with the Quirusillas community since 2010 to raise awareness of the plight of the Tucuman Parrot and provide alternatives to logging that are consistent with sustaining and restoring local ecosystems. These activities include educational programs in local schools, developing honey production businesses, and working with women to develop handicrafts and increase their participation in community decision-making.
To prevent the extinction of the Tucuman Parrot in this region
"Establishing this reserve is one of several strategies we are implementing to prevent the extinction of the Tucuman Parrot in this region. We are also planning to erect artificial nest boxes to increase breeding opportunities for the species and to attract tourists to this reserve. Bringing tourism dollars to the area would provide a stronger incentive for the community to continue to implement environmental protection measures," said Bennett Hennessey, Executive Director of Armonía.

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