Friday, 10 August 2012

Spanish public say 'NO' to captive dolphins

More than 9 out of 10 Spanish citizens want a ban on keeping dolphins in captivity. A massive 87% believe that dolphins are ‘happier' in the wild.

July 2012. International NGOs from across Europe launched ‘SOS Delfines', a campaign aimed at convincing the Spanish Government to phase-out the country's captive dolphin facilities and raising greater public awareness of the plight of captive dolphins in entertainment-focused marine parks.

Spain has the largest number of captive dolphin facilities in the European Union, with 90 dolphins, 2 beluga whales and 6 orcas in 11 facilities. The majority are located in popular tourist resorts such as Costa del Sol, Costa Blanca and the Canary Islands, as well as Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and Malaga. Licensed as ‘zoos' in Spain, these facilities are required by EU law to conserve biodiversity, educate the public about the animals and their natural attributes and maintain their animals in suitable conditions that meet their needs.
Daniel Turner, spokesperson for the Born Free Foundation, ‘SOS Delfines' UK partner, explained: "Although the campaign is primarily aimed at the Spanish public and Government, the millions of British tourists who visit Spain each year have an important role to play. We are asking the British public to vote with their feet and to avoid captive dolphin facilities during their holidays in Spain this summer."

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