Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Tiger cub saved from leg trap in India

Female cub taken into care
March 2013. A female tiger cub was saved from a leg-hold trap in the buffer area of Dudhwa Tiger Reserve, highlighting once again the threats posed by snares and traps to wildlife.

The cub, about six-month-old, was caught in the front left paw; she had two of her toes crushed according to Prem Chandra Pandey, The Wildlife Trust of India's (WTI) Field Officer, who, along with veterinarian Dr Saurabh Singhai, assisted the Uttar Pradesh Forest Department authorities in the rescue.

The WTI team rushed to the spot, around 50 km from Dudhwa, once they had been alerted to the sub's plight. Under the guidance of the Forest Department officials, the cub was tranquilised, removed from the trap and kept under intensive care. She was dehydrated and extremely weak, but her condition has stabilised.

Difficult to release the cub into the wild
"Forest Department officials have been scouting the area for more leg traps to make sure other animals don't face a similar fate," said Dr Anil Kumar Singh, Regional Head, WTI. "They are also on the lookout for the cub's mother, to attempt reunion. But it takes a lot of research and planning before we can release such displaced cubs back into the wild".
Photo credit WTI.

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