Thursday, 5 September 2013

Crocodile 'stalks' New Zealand man for two weeks

A New Zealand tourist has returned to safety after being menaced by a crocodile off Western Australia for two weeks, an Australian report says.

The man became stranded on an island because the reptile stalked him when he tried to leave by kayak, rescuer Don Macleod told broadcaster ABC.

Mr Macleod said he rescued the man on Saturday after spotting a light on Governor Island, near Kalumburu.

The crocodile was around six m (20 ft) long, Mr Macleod said.

The unidentified New Zealander had planned to kayak back to the mainland. But he "came to the conclusion very quickly that he couldn't get off [Governor Island] without attracting [the] crocodile", Mr Macleod said.

"[It] started following him around so he made it back to the island," he added.

'Easy meal'
Mr Macleod said he had seen the crocodile "several times" before.

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