Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Snake turned up in a Texas Starbucks, and you don't want to know where

Ask any Starbucks employee. They've seen it all when it comes to a store bathroom. One example of what a circus baristas deal with on a daily basis turned up in a Starbucks in San Antonio, Texas: A snake was found in the toilet. Businessman Bruce Ahlswede stumbled across what he described as a python, and alerted the barista that her duties had just expanded from pouring coffee to snake-wrangling.

 "I said, 'Hey you've got a snake in your bathroom, and she's kind of freaking out,'" Ahlswede said. When the staff and customers crowded into the bathroom to see, the reptile disappeared down the toilet, striking fear in the hearts of all. Let’s hope there's a Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf across the street where Starbucks staff can go for relief.

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