Monday, 7 April 2014

10 day march to save the badgers proposed

Posted by: Ama Menec / posted on April 6th, 2014

I thought the readers of Wildlife News would be interested in this exciting new action happening soon, and hope you can share it among your supporters and help to make this a HUGE event! I can’t see how to send it to your main website as I can’t find a send news button at the top of the page as instructed, which is why I’m sending this as a FB message instead.

On Thursday Owen Paterson announced he will continue with killing badgers in Somerset and Gloucestershire, despite the independent report stating it was cruel, ineffective and costly last year. 18% of the badgers shot took more than 5 minutes to die and it cost over £10 million of tax payers money, thus costing around £5,000 per badger killed. Since then Princess Anne has waded in with the suggestion that we bring back gassing of badgers, despite it being a particularly cruel and ineffective means of killing leading to much suffering.

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