Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Cardigan Bay is perfect home for bottle nosed dolphins

The waters along a 60-mile stretch of mid Wales' coastline have provided the perfect breeding ground for Europe's largest population of bottle nosed dolphins.

Cardigan Bay in Ceredigion is home to 250 of the playful creatures and, as the area marks National Dolphin Day, they are a popular tourist attraction.

Dolphin experts in New Quay say the bay has shallow waters and plenty of food.

It means the mammals, who can live to 30, remain in the bay permanently.

The Sea Watch Foundation in New Quay tracks the dolphins in Ceredigion over their lifetime.

"One of the main reasons they stay here is they have a very nice place to play, breed and have all the food they need to get by," said scientist Dr Salome Dussan-Duque.

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