Thursday, 3 April 2014

Koalas may disappear in areas affected by offset scheme, says foundation

Australian Koala Foundation says current scheme of 'environmental offsets' could doom koalas in some areas, Wednesday 2 April 2014 04.51 BST

Australia’s environmental offset system is “ridiculous” and must change to prevent the koala being wiped out in several areas of the country, according to the Australian Koala Foundation.

The koala has seen much of its habitat cleared for urban expansion and industry, with the marsupial also considered particularly vulnerable to climate change. It was listed as vulnerable in Queensland, New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory in 2012.

In a submission to a Senate inquiry into environmental offsets, the foundation called for a change to the system whereby the government can approve a development if the proponent promises to “offset” the destruction of native habitat by safeguarding equivalent habitat elsewhere.

Critics claim the system allows for the destruction of irreplaceable vegetation, dooming the animals that rely upon it.

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