Monday, 7 April 2014

Tigers get asylum in the UK

Posted by: Kevin Heath / 2 days ago

Two tigers sentenced to an early death in Belgium have arrived at a UK zoo and wildlife park. the two tigers had been kept at a German circus and so badly treated that last year Belgium authorities seized the tigers while the circus was on tour and sentenced the tigers to euthanasia.

A campaign by animal charity Wildlife Re-homing services to save the tigers resulted in the Woodside Wildlife and Falconry Park in Lincolnshire agreeing to take in and look after the 2 tigers. For the last 6 months the wildlife park have been preparing for the tigers arrival including the building of an enclosure and training of staff in how to look after the big cats.

The tigers are an 18-year-old male called Tango – who starred in the Esso ‘tiger in your tank’ TV ad campaign – and an 8-year-old female called Julia.

It has taken over six months and £250,000 to secure their future, but Mr Mumby, the parks director, said that it had been worth the cost.

“There are no other tigers in Lincolnshire on view to the public, it’s great for the people of Lincolnshire to be able to come and learn about them,” he said.

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