Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Mysterious Big Cat of Jekyll Island Back After 100 Years

BOBCATIn this business, it’s always nice when legends are finally proven to be realities. That was the case recently in Georgia when a motion sensor camera confirmed the existence of the long-rumored bobcat on Jekyll Island.

Up until now, the only evidence of bobcats ever living on Jekyll Island, one of Georgia’s coastal barrier islands known as both a Sea Island and a Golden Isle, was a photograph dating back to the early 1900s of bobcat pelts hanging on the wall of a gamekeeper’s cabin. First inhabited by a Native American chiefdom known as the Guale and later by Muskogian tribes, it was claimed by Spain in 1510 (Juan Ponce de Leon was an early governor) and named Jekyll Island (for Sir Joseph Jekyll) after the British made Georgia a colony in 1733. The state of Georgia bought the island in 1947 and made it a state park. For you X-Man fans, in “X-Men First Class” Jekyll Island served as the backdrop for Muir island.

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