Monday, 12 January 2015

Tasmanians asked if they want devil as state emblem

Choice of carnivorous marsupial expected to raise awareness of facial tumour disease that has devastated Tasmanian devils
Australian Associated Press

Monday 12 January 2015 05.16 GMT

Every state and territory of Australia except Tasmania has an animal emblem. New South Wales has the platypus, Queensland the koala and Victoria the possum.

When it comes to animal emblems, every state and territory has one exceptTasmania. So the people of the island state have been asked to have their say: should the Tasmanian devil receive the honour?

The state’s environment minister, Matthew Groom, thinks the carnivorous marsupial fits the bill. “We believe it can only be a positive for Tasmania’s brand to be officially associated with this unique creature which is recognised around the world,” he said.

Promoting the species is expected to raise awareness and assistance for a debilitating facial tumour which has hit devil numbers over the past decade.

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