Sunday, 11 January 2015

There should be no cull of wild boar because of one fatal conflict

There should be no cull of wild boar because of one fatal conflictDespite the tragic death of a motorist who collided with a wild boar near Swindon there should be no widespread cull of the animal. A number of wildlife, conservationists and rural organisations are calling for a large cull of the animals because of the damage they do and the fatality has given them the opportunity to press hard for the action.

As tragic as the death is the impact of wild boar on the countryside is minimal and the current calls for culling is not justifiable. When you have wild animals and humans living in close contact there will always be conflicts – including the occasional death. But in the UK deaths of humans in wildlife conflict are very rare.

Other countries have much greater issues with their wildlife conflicts. Dozens of people die each year from tiger and leopard attacks. Africa sees hundreds of deaths each year from elephant, lion and hippo attacks. Farms across the world are regularly raided by and disrupted by a whole range of animals.

When a tiger kills a person in India or Nepal there is not a call or plan to cull all the tigers in the area. The culprit tiger may be caught and moved to another area or if absolutely essential killed but there is no widespread cull of tigers.

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