Thursday, 8 January 2015

What would you do with 6 tons of crushed ivory?

Back in November 2013 the United States crushed its stockpile of ivory. Now the US government is looking for ideas about how to use this crushed ivory to educate the world about the issues that surround elephant poaching and the illegal trade in tusks. People have until the end of March 2015 to submit their ideas on how to put the ivory to good use.

The Ivory Crush Challenge is being run by the US Fish and Wildlife Service. They are looking for ideas about how to use the remains of the ivory in an educational display that will be exhibited at various locations – such as zoos, museums and schools – around the United States to educate and inform people.

There is lots of flexibility for creative types to use the ivory and the guidelines are relatively easy to understand. While there is no prize money the competition is bound to increase your kudos within the art and conservation communities.

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