Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Germans protest that modern farming methods damage the environment

Tens of thousands of people recently marched in Berlin for the fifth consecutive year to express their concern that modern farming practices fail to respect the environment, reports Birdlife International. 

“Wir haben es satt!” (“We are fed up!”) was the slogan they were chanting.

Agricultural policy and the loss of biodiversity in German agricultural landscapes were major themes for the demonstration, as the President of NABU ( Birdlife in Germany) Olaf Tschimpke explained in his speech to the participants.

He declared: “Future agricultural policy can no longer just be a policy of farmers for farmers. It should first and foremost satisfy societal needs such as respect for nature and consumer protection.”

He continued: “More and more people are fed up that the billions of Euros coming out of Brussels are simply flowing back into ‘business as’ usual farming.

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