Thursday, 6 April 2017

West Mersea mammoth tusk found on beach

30 March 2017

Archaeologists on the Essex coast have discovered a 6ft (2m) long mammoth tusk during an unusually low tide.

The find was made by members and volunteers with Coastal and Intertidal Zone Archaeological Network (Citizan) on Thursday morning off Mersea Island.

Project officer Stephanie Ostrich said: "We came across it by chance. It is incredibly fragile and quite a rare find."

Samples and photographs were taken of the tusk, which was then left in situ.

Citizan works with amateur archaeologists along the coast.

The mammoth tusk was found during a "field walk" in which participants walk along a stretch of beach in a long line and record what they find.

The tusk was discovered about 1km (0.6m) from the coast off Cooper's Beach.

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