Friday, 2 February 2018

Most UK bat species 'recovering or stable'

By Jonathan AmosBBC Science Correspondent
25 January 2018

The UK's bats are holding their own, according to the most recent national survey.

Of the 18 resident species, most are growing in number or are stable.

It is evidence that protective measures introduced in recent years are working, the Bat Conservation Trust says.

However, the group cautions that the status of all populations needs to be viewed in the context of major declines that occurred during the 20th Century.

"There has been so much conservation action in recent years, along with legislation, that we would have hoped to see some sort of positive response," said Phil Briggs, the trust's monitoring manager.

"It's thought that bats have not yet recovered to their historic levels but it's good to see some bats going in the right direction," he told BBC News.

The latest State of UK's Bats report was compiled with the help of more than 1,200 citizen scientists.

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