Thursday, 19 April 2012

Unknown, Giant Rat Spotted in Texas

An unidentified animal, looking like a giant rat several feet long, has been caught on tape by an observer in Texas as it feeds along a busy highway. What is it?
The cryptid animal, reportedly spotted in another Texas county recently, is seen slinking along a highway divider, snuffling through the meager grass, apparently looking for a meal.
The so far unknown creature is filmed with a telephoto lens for more than three minutes. The video quality is high and the equipment seems to be professional. There is no commentary.  (There was a video, but this has been 'removed by user')
The animal has been reported to health authorities in Texas, and according to the YouTube user who posted the video, HALANBRAZIL, officials have speculated the animal is a coyote suffering from mange. But this is no coyote.

The animal does look like the world's largest rodent, the Capybara, but that giant rat has a vestigial tail, meaning it's not visible externally. This creature has a very prominent tail, so it can't be that animal.
So what is it?


  1. It's a yellow-bellied marmot, which are not native to Texas.

    They are found in New Mexico, though.


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