Monday, 10 September 2012

World's Deadliest Snake Turns Up In... Essex - via Richard Muirhead

The world's deadliest snake has been captured in Essex after it was transported to the UK on a container ship from India.
Workers discovered the 18in (45cm) saw-scaled viper - which had survived a 5,000 mile journey - after the vessel was unloaded at Tilbury dock.
In regions where it is found, the viper is thought to kill more humans than all other snake species combined. This is because it is extremely aggressive and lives in highly-populated areas.
Reptile expert Steve Mitchell was called to the dock to identify and capture the snake, which has been taken to the South Essex Wildlife Hospital in Grays.
Sue Schwar, founder of the hospital, told Sky News: "We got a call from the shipping company. They got a shock when they opened the container - as soon as they saw the snake they just shut it back in and called us.
"Our reptile guy Steve was available so he went down to scope it out. Thankfully, he recognised what it was straight away and knew how to deal with it.
"He has various bits of specialist equipment and used a snake hook and box to capture it.

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