Friday, 5 April 2013

Fishermen help clear lobster 'carnage' on east coast

Wednesday, April 03, 2013
By Danny Longhorn

A TEAM of 25 fishermen has come to the rescue of about 450 lobsters washed up on an east coast beach.

East Yorkshire's coastal wildlife has taken a battering with the cold temperatures and strong easterly winds.

Thousands of shellfish, fish and even a porpoise were found washed up along a one-mile stretch between Barmston and Fraisthorpe – the majority of which had starved to death.
RSPB volunteers have also picked up 200 dead puffins in the last ten days and now fear the population could have decreased by 10 per cent.

Jo Ackes, secretary at the Independent Shell Fishermens' Cooperative in Bridlington, said more than 25 fishermen tried to save as many of the shellfish as possible.

She said: "It was carnage on the beach with thousands of different animals.

"There was everything from a variety of fish and crabs, lobsters and even seabirds and a porpoise.

"We tried to save as many as possible and take them to our tanks. It was mainly some of the lobsters that had survived as they are a bit stronger.

"The reason (for them being there) was a combination of factors with the sea being unseasonably cold and the lobsters being quite lethargic and not getting enough food. They have also been battered by the easterly winds and huge tides."

In the end, about 450 lobsters were released off the coast yesterday morning about six miles out to sea.

Jo said: "It is difficult to say what impact it will have.

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