Friday, 5 April 2013

Kaziranga’s vital Indian rhino population increases despite poaching

Rhino population increasing slowly
March 2013. Despite an increased level of poaching in Kaziranga National Park, the latest rhino census has recorded a 37% increase since 1999 (And a few rhinos that were relocated to found a new population in Manas National Park).

Kaziranga's rhino population has increased from 1672 in 1999, to 2048 in 2009 and 2290 in 2013.

Kaziranga is a vital habitat for the Asian one horned rhino, containing more than 60% of the world's entire population, as well as more than 50% of the world's wild water buffalo population. Kaziranga, in Assam, is a World Heritage Site.
The census was undertaken by more than 250 trained staff riding on elephants.

Last year, more than 20 rhinos were poached in Kaziranga, and 14 have been poached so far this year as poaching has increased.

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