Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Rabbit rescued from chimney after spending three days stuck

Chloe was rescued by firefighters using a makeshift snare

Chloe the rabbit, left, and firefighters attempting to free her from the chimney

A girl was reunited with her beloved pet rabbit - after firefighters rescued it from three days stuck up a chimney.

Natasha Cameron, nine, of Bramhall, was devastated when her floppy eared pet Chloe was sucked up the chimney by a rush of air on Sunday evening (February 23).

RSPCA officials were unable to coax her down and the rabbit remained stranded until crews from Cheadle station used a pipe and a cut up washing line to catch her and ease her down on Wednesday.

She was checked out and after being given treatment to clean her eyes was given the all clear.

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